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A weekly get together for parents, with or without their little ones. No musical ability needed. All songs are taught by ear. A chance to meet other parents in the area.
You sing, they play!
Covering all styles of popular music anything from Adele, George Ezra, Ed Sheeran  and many more. 
(Parental supervision required.)

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What to expect 

It's all about making YOU feel good. Whether you're a new parent, parent already or a parent to be! 

There are no auditions, no solos and no reading music. All songs will be taught by ear. 

Children and babies are welcome to come and play and listen to the wonderful music, and even join in! 

Improve your mood
Singing has been proven to release Oxytocin the 'happy hormone'  and act as a natural anti- depressant. 

Reduce Stress
Singing lowers cortisol and can relieve stress and tension, and can help lower anxiety. It can also have a positive impact on your little one too! 

Tune into yourself, your little ones and connect with other parents.

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